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Find a Heart Walk near you!

Monday, October 4th, 2010

The Start! Heart Walk brings communities together in celebration of progress in the fight against heart diseases and stroke. This inspirational day is filled with energy, excitement, and hope!
The funds you raise in Start! Heart Walk will support projects like these:
  • Putting up-to-the-minute research into doctors’ hands so they can better prevent and treat heart disease among patients
  • Groundbreaking pediatric heart and stroke research to help save the lives of the 36,000 babies born with heart defects each year
  • Getting live-saving information to those who need it most–information that can save a life, like how to eat better, how to recognize the warning signs of a heart attack, and how to talk to a doctor about critical health choices.

The American Heart Association’s Start! Heart Walk has a new website that now makes it easier to find cities and nationwide teams. This site also hosts a community team page with heart health information, provides opportunities to share personal health stories, and sends fun e-cards to friends and family. Visit now at!

The American Heart Association recommends regular physical activity in order to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Sign up for a Heart Walk today and don’t forget to visit the You’re the Cure booth!

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National Start! Walking Day is April 7th

Monday, April 5th, 2010
You know that heart disease is this country’s No.1 killer. But did you know that exercising for as little as 30 minutes each day can reduce your risk?
Even though the benefits to regular exercise are well proven, it’s not always easy to find the time. Adults are spending more time at work than ever before and as a result Americans have becoming increasingly inactive. This is a problem when you consider the fact that physical inactivity doubles the risk of heart disease!
You can help reverse this trend and support the fight against heart disease by participating in National Start! Walking Day on Wednesday, April 7th. This is the day that adults nationwide can make the pledge to Start! walking and to become active and heart healthy, especially in the workplace.
On this day, employees are encouraged to wear sneakers to work and take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. It’s a great way to raise awareness of the Start! movement and to give your coworkers a friendly push toward a healthier life.
The Start! Movement is all about:
  • Walking more.
  • Eating better.
  • Living a longer, healthier life.
There are countless physical activities out there, but walking has the lowest dropout rate of them all! It’s the simplest positive change you can make to effectively improve your heart health.
Countless people across the country are jumping on board. Join them in the Start! Movement, get walking and start taking a more active role in your health!
Will you bring your walking shoes to work? It’s time to Start! Walking
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President Obama Recognizes Workplace Wellness Week

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

This past Fall, the American Heart Association supported a House of Representatives resolution designating the first full week of April as National Workplace Wellness Week, when employers across American will invest in the health of their workers. You can read more about Workplace Wellness Week here.

President Obama issued a letter earlier this week recognizing the importance of this week.

President Obama’s letter said this: “I send greetings to all who are observing National Workplace Wellness Week, and I join you in recognizing the strength of a healthy America.

The rising cost of health care is one of the most pressing financial challenges for our families and our Nation, and I share the sense of urgency that many Americans are voicing. By working to improve safety and health in the workplace, we can reduce costs, increase productivity, and implement best practices that further citizens’ well-being.

During National Workplace Wellness Week, employers will highlight the importance of this issue through smart, preventive health education and programming at the workplace. I commend Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Representative Charles Boustany, and Senator Tom Harkin for their accomplishments in promoting a healthier and more competitive American workforce.

Together with Congress, I am working to build on these accomplishments. I recently signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which includes $1 billion for prevention and wellness. Investments made now in the health of Americans will contribute to the long-term wellness of our individual citizens, our economy, and our Nation.”

This year, the American Heart Association’s National Start! Walking Day falls TODAY, right in the middle of Workplace Wellness Week. Be sure to get up and moving for 30 minutes today!

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